OK Ok hold tight!
We have only just opened this site up so there’s much more great content on it’s way each week to be added.
So as a little introduction is in order to start our new relationship, here’s a quick need to know…
Small Songs provides quality produced music for any backing you can think of, from social media film and gallery uploads to movies, video, video games, podcasts presentations… etc
As you will see they have been tailored made to different lengths, for instance, 1-minute songs that fit perfectly into an Instagram film, that are looped so that they can be used on longer films, for example, Youtube.. etc
There are many different genres to suit any kind of mood and as they are all produced by musicians of the Bora Bora Music label group, you can be sure of the best quality productions.
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Ok, i will get out of your hair so you can continue looking around the site and we will meet you back here again very soon.
Many thanks and enjoy!!
Mr. Small Songs


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